Disaster Recovery

Minimize your risk of downtime and get your business back on track faster

Many companies, even today, do not have an adequate Disaster Recover (DR) plan for their IT infrastructure. In most cases, disaster recovery is considered a too expensive, complex and unreliable service to cover the whole range of enterprise applications, thus limiting its application only to Mission Critical Services.

Lancom’s disaster recovery is a high quality security service that protects IT infrastructure from any disaster. Just as we demand from any good insurance policy, in the same way the best disaster recovery should provide excellent protection, with minimal effort, at the lowest possible cost.

The expertise, the credentials, the Enterprise Class equipment and the specialized staff of Lancom provide you the safeguards and the greater flexibility to protect your corporate information stored either physical servers, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or either in an Open Source environment.


Interested in implementing Disaster Recovery?

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