Managed Services

Let us design, build and operate your cloud workloads for you.

The technical support of our customers, in terms of server management and maintenance, is for Lancom, a service that can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the client. Often the performance of a system depends not only on its natural resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) but also by the proper configuration of all software that runs on it. Lancom’s Technical Support department can perform a full fine-tuning of your system, giving performance and stability, without necessarily increasing your resources and thus the costs.

Target Audience:

Whether you are new or an experienced system administrator, the requirements relating to the management of the Server are constantly reconfigured, while they may evolve in a way that will critically affect your work. It’s not a rare occurece that poorly maintained machines become targets for DDoS attacks, exploits, and even alteration of sensitive data or other times when an unexpected problem seems difficult to solve.

Technical Support Categories:

Lancom, having a pool of qualified engineers in its arsenal, provides two key technical support services, covering all your requirements in the operation of a Server. The development of these services include:

  • vDoctor ™

For cases where you want to keep the management of your Server, but you require the assistance of the specialized engineers of Lancom on issues that may arise at any time, we designed the vDoctor service. It is the remote hands technical support, in case you want the direct intervention of Lancom’s certified engineers on your system. Indicative cases covered by the vDoctor ™ service, include:

  • New installations of programs and services
  • Parameterizations
  • Optimizations
  • Solving technical failures
  • Diagnoses of problematic technical behavior
  • Misconfigurations, etc.
  • vAdmin ™

For the carefree management of your server with safety, the full server management vAdmin ™ service is available for you. The vAdmin ™ service is supplied on a monthly subscription basis. It essentially converts you unmanaged server into a full managed system, under the constant care and supervision of Lancom’s experienced Technical Department as well as with the use of sophisticated Cloud Monitoring systems, relieving you automatically from any responsibility for the management and proper operation at system level. Thus, while you maintain full access to your system, our engineers undertake its care and maintenance at all critical points. The service is offered in two different packages, depending on your needs: Basic and Premium. These coverages include respectively the following:

vAdmin ™ Basic:

  • Operating system updates
  • Software updates
  • Security auditing
  • Antivirus protection

vAdmin ™ Premium:

  • Operating system updates
  • Operating system upgrades (major versions)
  • Software updates
  • Software upgrades (major versions)
  • Security auditing
  • Antivirus protection
  • Full system monitoring
  • Server and services alerting
  • Priority technical support


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