Managed Services

Let us design, build and operate your cloud workloads for you.

The technical support of our customers, in terms of server management and maintenance, is for Lancom, a service that can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the client. Often the performance of a system depends not only on its natural resources (CPU, RAM, HDD). Lancom’s Technical Support department can undertake the following tasks. 


Technical Support Services:

Lancom, with its team of qualified engineers, provides the vAdmin™ Premium service, as a basic technical support service,


vAdmin™ Premium:

The vAdmin™ service is provided on a monthly subscription basis. Essentially, your server is under the supervision of Lancom’s experienced Technical Department and the package includes the following:

  • Operating system updates: It concerns security updates on the server
  • Operating system upgrades (major versions): Upgrade to a major operating system version
  • Software updates: Refers to software upgrades (e.g. MySQL 5.6.1 to MySQL 5.6.2)
  • Software upgrades (major versions): Refers to upgrades to major program versions (eg MySQL 5.5 -> MySQL 5.6)
  • Full system monitoring: Presence of the server on our management monitoring platform
  • Server and services alerting in case of need
  • Optimizations after investigation and capability

In cases where there is a request from your side that is not included in the above tasks, we can consider it after investigation and proceed with the use of the vDoctor™ service with a fee per half hour of technical support (on demand). This is the remote technical support service (remote hands), in case you want the intervention of Lancom’s certified engineers in your system.


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