High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Lancom, following the demands for increasingly powerful computer systems, of high-performance, ready to implement the specialized needs of area-specific applications, implemented and installed on its proprietary infrastructure, a grid of computing units.

The purpose of this investment is the parallel processing of scientific data and the rapid production of numerical results, through the use of multiple microprocessors, on a parallel array, in order to achieve very high processing speeds.

Through harnessing the potential of HPC, the notion and understanding of calculation is no longer focused on one computing unit but in a “cloud” of resources, which works in concert to complete a common task. Indicative features of new high computational power networks implemented by Lancom in its HPC Cluster are:

  • Redundancy
  • Computing speed
  • Resources elasticity
  • Parallel processing

As a result, a company addressed to Lancom, imports its applications in the HPC cluster and its assigned with the appropriate resources to meet its needs for computing power, not only at an experimental level (scientific simulations, numerical analyzes) but also at corporate needs level. Lancom already provides HPC services in the following areas:

  • Computer Clusters for demanding drug development applications.
  • High Available Clusters for Mission Critical systems such as ERP, CRM, POS big chains.
  • Big Data analysis.
  • Business Intelligence Systems.

Client Economic Benefits:

  • Elimination of acquisition/usage costs for purchase, installation and support of Enterprise hardware and infrastructure.
  • The elasticity of Lancom’s HPC Cluster offers the possibility to activate parts of the resources on-demand, thereby reducing the excessive costs due to oversizing or incorrect predictions.


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