Cloud in a Box

Preconfigured, pretested and ready-to-run cloud solution on site.

When there are no suitable telecommunication infrastructure in your company for a reliable interconnection to the Internet and Cloud, Lancom offers the innovative service Cloud in-a-BOX.

With this service and following a study that will reflect the actual needs of the business, Lancom installs the proprietary Enterprise Class equipment (UPS, Rack, Servers, Storage, switches, Routers) in the server room of your company. It will provide at the same time all the necessary software licenses for the Server and Virtualization operating systems.

The pricing model remains the same with the Cloud services of Lancom. You only pay for the Cloud resources used by your company (pay as you grow), just as if you were using these resources in a public cloud installation. In this way you eliminate the costs of the initial investment (CAPEX), while the costs of use and maintenance (OPEX) are completely elastic and depending of the real needs of your company, with a day or even time precision.


Interested in implementing Cloud in a Box?

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