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Direct Connectivity with Multiple Networks

Understanding the pivotal role of efficient, high-speed internet connectivity in the realm of digital communications, Lancom delivers exceptional IXP services. Our offerings are focused on linking businesses directly to the world’s most expansive Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). This direct connection ensures that your data travels through the shortest, most efficient routes, significantly enhancing your internet experience with reduced latency and increased speed.

Our parternship with various IXPs is specifically designed to optimize the routing of your internet traffic. This strategic approach benefits organizations looking for superior internet performance and reliability. Our IXP services provide a robust and tailored solution to meet the today’s networking requirements of any business. With Lancom, you’re not just connected, you’re strategically positioned for optimal digital communication and data exchange.



Lancom is thrilled to offer NetIX services as a part of our portfolio, bringing a world-class global connectivity and peering solution to our clients. NetIX is renowned for its expansive network, encompassing over 220 data centers in more than 100 cities across 65 countries, and providing access to over 10,000 visible networks and 30+ Internet Exchanges globally. This extensive coverage ensures superior internet connectivity with optimized routing, reduced latency, and enhanced reliability.

In addition to the global services of NetIX, we are also excited to offer NetIX Greece. This specialized service results from the strategic merging of NetIX’s regional Internet Exchanges in Thessaloniki and Athens, creating a comprehensive country-wide exchange platform. NetIX Greece enhances our offerings by providing a more cohesive and extensive network reach within Greece. This integration allows clients to connect across the country effortlessly, without incurring additional costs.

Our partnership with NetIX, including the NetIX Greece service, aligns with Lancom’s commitment to delivering high-quality internet solutions. By choosing Lancom’s NetIX services, our clients gain the advantage of a globally recognized platform for their internet exchange needs, coupled with localized benefits through NetIX Greece. This combination is ideal for businesses seeking robust global network access and improved digital communication capabilities, particularly within the Greek region.


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