About Us

Lancom’s Company Profile

Lancom was founded by a group of highly trained young IT professionals, with deep expertise and extensive experience in providing internet services. Its fields of activity are exclusively high quality IT data center services and cloud computing.

Aiming to meet the real needs of the Greek market and the wider Balkan region on new technologies, we developed our first data center in Thessaloniki, one of the fastest growing telecommunications hubs in the region of Southeast Europe, in 100% owned facilities and on entirely owned equipment. Pursuing a growth strategy centered around offering Enterprise Class services and High Availability SLAs up to 100% , in 2014, the Company announced the creation and started operating its second Data Center, in Athens this time. As with its first data center, a location of geo-strategic importance was chosen for the Company’s second data center, which was created in Monumental Plaza building, at 44 Kifissias Ave. in Maroussi, right across the OTE Headquarters. The entire infrastructure has been designed and implemented by meeting the latest international standards and by using all the cutting edge technologies in cloud computing. Thus, we are able to fully meet both the current, and any future market need.

Lancom’s human resources, in conjunction with the branded professional equipment we use, guarantee in the best way the superior quality of all our services. Especially regarding our manpower, we are particularly proud that we managed to create a Technical Department which inspired some of the leading engineers of Europe with the highest degree of specialization to follow.

Our main aim is the maximum safety, high performance, reliability and prompt service, always providing high quality services at low prices.

Get to know Lancom and you will discover a whole new wonderful world. It is guaranteed the best choice you can make.