Cloud Storage

Your files, anywhere, anytime.

The storage, storage and sharing of data and business records, is a vital factor for any modern business. Lancom offers storage and file sharing services in its Cloud system, enabling( the user to gain  access) from different PCs,  or in general portable network devices such us tablets and smartphones.

Among other things it includes an easy to use and modern interface, encryption capabilities, direct sync, Cloud backup, as well as operations of task list,  such us calendar, image galleries, playlists music files and even custom on demand services.

Lancom advances the Cloud Storage service to Business level, having the ability to provide Enterprise Class storage services, with guaranteed data security and customizable Cloud Backup that is built according to the needs of each partner.

Additional guarantee for the quality of our services is the use by Lancom of only Enterprise Class equipment from HP and Cisco, our professional staff, our strategic partnerships and our certifications by international firms.


Interested in implementing Cloud Storage?

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