From the center of the Balkans, around the world.

The interconnection of the network of Lancom to the internet is achieved through two independent redundant circuits by OTE and Cyta, the largest providers in Greece and Cyprus, with the use of the BGP protocol.

Lancom‘s data center in Thessaloniki, is situated in its propertiary premises , directly opposite from the main hub of OTE in Northern Greece. This position is extremely important, especially because of the very low but also balanced charge regarding the to latency both to Greece but also directly to overseas. Correspondingly, the interconnection with Cyta is achieved through two independent routes (west and east) for maximum security. The interconnection with all other internet providers in Greece, is made through the GR-Internet Exchange (GR-IX), via its upstream providers.

The connection of Lancom‘s data center with OTE and Cyta, is implemented with propertiary multi-gigabit 2N fiber optic circuits of dual routing and dual inlet. The geostrategic position of the data center, combined with the excellent infrastructure of the OTE and Cyta, ensures the perfect interconnection from the center of Southeast Europe to Greece and all over the world, with high guaranteed availability at 99.95%.