Cloud Servers

Powerful virtual servers built on proven VMware, Hyper-V technologies and HP enterprise hardware.

Choosing the Cloud Servers series of Lancom, you receive autonomous virtual servers (virtual machines) of high performance, hosted on the proprietary Enterprise Level Cloud Infrastructure of Lancom.

The Cloud infrastructure consists of an array of physical servers, network devices, storage media, interconnected in a high availability configuration. As a result of this design is that each cloud Server in this environment enjoys superior performance and most importantly 100% Hardware uptime.

In case of failure of one server, through a fully automated process, the remaining undertake to cover the necessary resources. At the same time the owner of a Cloud server enjoys maximum flexibility, having the ability to increase or decrease the resources immediately required (eg. addition of CPU cores, addition of extra drive, addition of RAM).

The use by Lancom of only Enterprise Class equipment from HP and Cisco, the Virtualization vSphere platforms from VMware and Hyper-V from Microsoft, its specialized staff, its strategic partnerships and its certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 in Cloud services, ensure to our partners unique, high quality services.


Interested in implementing Cloud Server?

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