Internet Leased Lines

Permanent and dedicated, enterprise-level internet connectivity

Lancom has many years experience on the study and implementation of wireless microwave links. It has developed a proprietary extended wireless network, which connects to the Internet through two independent redundant circuits, by OTE and CYTA. The interconnection with the remaining providers in Greece is done through the GR-Internet Exchange (GR-IX).

Through this network of of high standards, Lancom offers Internet Feed solutions, which require high-speed and reliability interconnection on the internet. The leased circuits implemented through the Wi-Fi network of Lancom have a wireless range up to 2 Gbps per spot. The implementation and delivery times of the circuits are particularly small, due to the high expertise of the engineers of the company, to the extended Wi-Fi back-bone and ready to deliver equipment.

The result of all all the above is a high quality service, which can provide a wide range of speed even in the most inaccessible places.


Interested in implementing Internet Leased Lines?

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