Cloud PBX

Integrated call center solutions in the cloud

Having extensive experience in the field of telephony, Lancom applies innovative solutions of network telephony Voice-over-IP (VoIP), as well as digital telephone exchanges (PBX / IVR) in the cloud. Lancom Cloud PBX, effectively consolidates and simplifies all the ways in which your business communicates and collaborates, increasing productivity through mobility and through many other revolutionary features that it incorporates. Some of these features are:

  • No initial investment cost.
  • Reduction in monthly telephone costs.
  • Advanced telephony technologies.
  • Single platform connecting your business with customers, branches and stalks inside and outside the company.
  • Easy management via Web portal.
  • Safety and reliability for your critical corporate communication.
  • Extensibility to the maximum extent.
  • Unified Communications with the use of voice and video and use of multiple devices such as phone, laptop, mobile phone and tablet for enhanced communication experience.
  • High availability and possibility of implementing projects of business continuity for the speedy recovery of your communications after disasters.


Interested in implementing Cloud PBX;
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