Cloud Streaming

Deliver multimedia content reliable, quick and easy.

Bearing in mind and aimed at developing and providing solutions even for the most specialized requirements of our partners, we have developed a unique platform for broadcasting audio and video in the internet. By providing specialized customization depending on the type of service (audio only or video and audio), we are able to cover every possible need, regardless of the load and the quality that may be required each time.

Lancom can provide immediate and comprehensive solutions in the following services:

  • Web Radio – Radio transmission / retransmission
  • Video on demand – Stream video on demand
  • Web TV – Television transmission / retransmission
  • Video live streaming – Live streaming video and audio
  • Audio on demand – Streaming audio on demand
  • Audio live streaming
  • E-learning – Tele-Education, Virtual School, Seminars
  • Tele – medicine
  • Teleconference / Web conferencing – Teleconference of organizations, private and public entities
  • Live webinars / Tele – seminars, Online coverage of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and events
  • IP CCTV – Remote monitoring of closed circuit television online
  • Advertising – Advertising products, services, companies and se-shops

The flexibility provided by our proprietary Enterprise class equipment and our high technical expertise, combined with the infrastructure of cloud computing, guarantee the smooth functioning of any service, even in the most demanding conditions. At the same time the high level of staffing combined with the know how of Lancom allows us to create solutions based on any idea or need our partners.


Interested in implementing Cloud Streaming?

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